In Between

Artist Statement

In Between is a site-specific artwork that invites viewers to immerse themselves within an altered virtual landscape. The artwork reconciles and reconstructs the past local ecology within the current built environment. Using technology as a means to generate and shift meaning within photographs, the artist David Green created this digitally altered landscape. It features a representation of the local ecology that historically existed within the area.

Artist David Green in front of his work In Between in Melbourne.

Artist David Green

Artist Background

David Green is an emerging artist who is driven by interests in perception, place, the environment, and feelings of self. His work spans the mediums of photography, projection, and installation. Not limited to the bounds of the gallery, David’s practice also engages with the public field through temporary interventions within civic space. David’s art practice is an important means for him to turn theoretical ideas into the physical, a process he believes is a catalyst for thoughtful conversation and introspection.