Wonderment Walk Launch

Launch Exhibition

The Wonderment Walk concept was launched with a month-long exhibition at the Yarra Gallery, Federation Square in February 2014. Exhibits included John Olsen’s Frogs, Vincent Fantauzzo’s 30/30 Project, sketches of Dr Stuart Kohlhagen’s NKRYPT, Georgie Pinn’s Electric Puppet, Claudio Tocco’s Everything That Rises, Elizabeth Workman’s Proto-Crystal and video footage containing interviews with great artists, scientists and innovators such as Sir Gus Nossal AC CBE, Professor Brian Schmidt and Ron Walker AC CBE.

Wonderment Walk Launch Exhibition

Wonderment Walk Launch Exhibition

credit: Aaron Carroll

This clip documents the energy and excitement of the exhibition for both those that would like to relive the magic and those that are curious about our very first public activation.

Electric Puppet by Georgie Pinn

Installation created for the Wonderment Walk Launch Exhibition at the Yarra Gallery, Federation Square, February 2014

Wonderment Walk commissioned multi-media artist Georgie Pinn to take her original Electric Puppet concept – a full body, interactive animation project, activated in real time – and apply it to John Olsen’s magical sculpture, Frogs, bringing its message to life. This brings Frogs into the digital world, breathing movement through its sculptured body and enabling it to connect with people in a state of pure play. Here, Georgie uses her Electric Puppet concept to demonstrate the connection between man and nature. This rendition of Electric Puppet furthers awareness around the importance of frogs in our environment.


Wonderment Walk Launch Event

Wonderment Walk Victoria launched the Wonderment Walk concept at the Yarra Gallery, Federation Square on Feb 12, 2014. The Right Honorable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle addressed attendees as keynote speaker at this event. Wonderment Walk was honored to receive the support of other dignitaries present such as The Honorable Heidi Victoria MP, Minister for the Arts; Cathy Walter, Chair of Federation Square; Vincent Fantauzzo, renowned Australian artist; and Peter Yates, AM, Chairman of the Royal Institution of Australia.  It was a memorable evening, documented by this video.

photo credit: Gary Ko

Launch Video

credit: Georgie Pinn


Wonderment Walk Floor Talk

Wonderment Walk Victoria hosted its inaugural public floor talk in the Yarra Gallery, Federation Square on Feb 19, 2014 as part of our month-long launch initiative. Wonderment Walk was thrilled by the support of the dignitaries that addressed attendees, including: Dr Jackie Watts, City of Melbourne Councilor; Vincent Fantauzzo, renowned Australian artist; and Mikala Tai, Creative Director of Supergraph: Contemporary Graphic Art Fair. Discussion provided insights into Melbourne as a creative city of knowledge, the links between art and science and the benefits of collaboration. This video provides the highlights of this thought provoking event.

photo credit: Gary Ko


Public Floor Talk

credit: Georgie Pinn