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Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival

“Science and Art represent two of the highest forms of human endeavour, each exploring our inner and outer worlds in an effort to understand who and what we are. These disparate fields can be brought together through the written word. The MJWF reflects this diversity and provides a forum where the worlds of Science and Art can […]

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Gillie and Marc on Run for your Life

“The world depends on contemporary artists to challenge life as we know it. We, the contemporary artist pull apart the world, so it can be put back together as something different” As husband and wife, Gillie and Marc are Australian contemporary artists who collaborate to create art as one, applying the iconic imagery of the dog/human […]

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Gillie and Marc at work in their studio

Gillie and Marc Schattner’s Rhinos Bump In

Early in the morning on 07 August this year, Gillie and Marc Schattner’s three bronze Run for your Life rhinos made their way from their storage safe haven to La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus. Our friends at Grace loaded the robust trio onto a bright red semi and then delivered them to La Trobe Centreway Lawn, ready […]

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Run for your Life rhinos being installed at La Trobe University Bundoora

The 30/30 Project at La Trobe University – A Positive Response

Wonderment Walk was thrilled to receive the feedback below from La Trobe University’s Acting Senior Curator, Michael Brennan, after we exhibited Vincent Fantauzzo’s 30/30 Project at the university’s Bundoora campus, from July – September this year. “Thank you for providing La Trobe with the opportunity to show this body of work on our campus. I […]

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Carlton Connect Initiative’s 3rd Annual DICE Lecture – Prof Luke O’Neill (IRE)

Boyle Medallist Professor Luke O’Neill from Trinity College Dublin (who is also a member of Science Gallery Dublin’s Leonardo Group) will deliver the Carlton Connect DICE Lecture on the 28th of October as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week. This lecture will be on “Science & Arts Colliding – New Approaches to Communicating Innovation.” Professor O’Neill is […]

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What is Wonderment Walk Victoria?

Wonderment Walk aims to create open-air galleries which excite and inspire, galleries without walls and without boundaries, open to the public free of entry or exhibition charges.

Our projects are drawn from an arts base but also combine science and mathematical disciplines. The works are intended to engage the public in the art whilst inspiring curiosity and encouraging innovative thoughts and expression. Beginning in, but not limited to, the city of Melbourne, the artworks will form walks around the city connecting various attractions in and around trafficked areas.

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It is a wonderful addition to our city. You’ve taken vision and with hard work, turned it into a very beautiful reality.

Robert Doyle // The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne

The [Board’s] belief and integrity in this project is really true and amazing.

Vincent Fantauzzo // Renowned Australian artist

Having a sculpture walk is very good. Melbourne people will use it, will appreciate it. And still be surprised by it.

John Olsen AO OBE // Renowned Australian artist

Both Questacon and Wonderment Walk have a shared imperative – communicating scientific ideas and phenomena in an accessible, relevant and engaging way to diverse audiences. Appreciation for and a deep interaction with science, maths, engineering and technology contributes significantly to what makes a city socially and economically vibrant and viable. Wonderment Walk’s plight to grow awareness around and interaction with these areas of knowledge will contribute significantly to making Melbourne a dynamic city of curiosity, discovery and surprise. Questacon is delighted to be a supporter of Wonderment Walk and looks forward to seeing the project grow and develop over the coming years.

Professor Graham Durant AM // Director, Questacon

Wonderment Walk is a way of intermingling science and everyday life. . . They become part of your life, as indeed science should be.

Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE // House of Lords, British scientist

Wonderment Walk is important because it is a way for Melbourne to keep on making itself interesting and relevant, so by adding this twist of science and art and technology, you’re really providing a spark to the city.

Professor Brian Schmidt AC // Vice-Chancellor of The Australian National University

Working together we can achieve things that you could never achieve doing alone. Wonderment Walk is going to be an example of a new sort of public-private partnership that is going to involve all of these facets of society, all conspiring make Melbourne still more liveable, still more inspiring.

Sir Gus Nossal AC // Distinguished Australian research biologist

Victoria University and Wonderment Walk Victoria are working together to inspire our local communities in a way that promotes the intersect between the Arts and STEM disciplines. We see great potential in the development of public artworks to provoke, promote, reflect and reveal, and this underpins the ways in which we will collaborate at our campuses and in our broader communities. As the University of Opportunity, we are excited by the potential of publicart, and believe that its characteristics as a freely available, accessible and community-focused form of expression match our values as an organisation.

Rachel Simmons // Director, Business Growth and Learning Development, Victoria University

La Trobe University’s Vision is to become a vibrant centre of culture, creativity, recreation and education in Melbourne’s North. This Vision aligns with Wonderment Walk Victoria’s commitment to strengthen Melbourne’s reputation as a creative city of knowledge, combining science, mathematics and art in accessible open spaces, which excite and inspire. We congratulate Wonderment Walk on their aspirations, and look forward to working with them in achieving our shared Visions.

Adrienne E Clarke AC // Chancellor, La Trobe University

I think Wonderment Walk is an affirmation by one leading citizen with colleagues and friends who are supportive of their belief in the city. They are making a decision to invest in the artistic infrastructure of the city in a very exciting and novel way. So it’s a ten out of ten project.

Professor Ed Byrne // Former Vice-Chancellor and President, Monash University; Current Principal of King’s College London